About Us

Founded over a decade ago, Smart-Trike™, which has grown steadily over the years, is an international company providing ride-on-vehicles to families across the world. We are focusing on high-technology and innovation to develop state-of-the-art ride-on solutions for each cycling stage that babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers experience to ultimately aid development and provide enjoyment.


Smart Environment

Smart-Trike™ manufactures traditional , well made and durable ride-on vehicles which are cleverly designed to support from 10 months all the way up until pre-schooler stage. We are committed to delivering the safest products and follow strict regulations to protect the young children’s well-being, as well as paying respect to the environment.


Smart Quality

Safety has always been a focus at Smart-Trike™. Our uncompromising quality standards ensure that our products are both durable and safe. Prior to manufacture, each product is thoroughly tested to comply with the strictest international standards for babies’ and toddlers’ products. Our quality assurance team continually reviews the design and procedures to ensure that products exceed both existing and new safety regulations around the world. Smart-Trike™ is constantly using the highest quality materials, which are tested and certified by the leading global certification labs worldwide (Intertek, BV, SGS, LGA etc.). Smart-Trike™ products pass the strictest tricycle and toy QA standards (US, EU, Australia, Canada etc.). Smart-Trike™ will continue to make safety our top priority when designing and manufacturing ride-on-vehicles.


Smart Technology

Triking is not only fun, it’s essential to a child’s cognitive, emotional, and social development. Our design process blends science with the passion to produce ride-on-vehicles that offer children unlimited opportunities for enhancing their physical and motor skills. Smart-Trike™ develops, produces and markets “smart” ride-on-vehicles. Our company holds a number of patents, one of which is the SWIVEL WHEEL (TOUCH STEERING), that enables the parent to easily maneuver ‘power steer’ the trike with the lightest touch. Our products’ variety undergoes advanced processes using smart technology and exacting inspection processes which has secured the companies enviable position as holding the largest number of awards in the 10 months tricycle category.


Smart Way

Studies have shown that being physically active at an early age can increase self-esteem, build confidence, and help in building a foundation for success in all areas of a child’s life. Consequently, our R&D Department engineer smart ride-on-vehicles based on the latest research done by Smart-Trike™.


Smart World

Distributors and retailers choose Smart-Trike™ because they recognize that our extended product portfolio provides a complete collection to provide solutions for parents and their babies and toddlers. The products’ highest quality allows the distributor and retailer to sell these products with the utmost confidence whilst also benefiting from the on-going support from the company. We respect and listen to our customers and many of our innovative products were developed and customized to fulfill requests from retailers, distributors and parents!


Smart Generation

Parents are satisfied when their babies use Smart-Trike™ products because they are convertible, multifunctional and grow with the child from 6&10 months up to 36 months and beyond offering the ultimate longevity for the family to enjoy for years and years.