1. Is there a weight limit on the Smart Trike?
The maximum weight allowed on a Smart- Trike tricycle is 17 kg./38 lb, for the Smart- Trike scooter it is 20 kg./ 44 lb.

2. To what ages are the Smart Trikes suitable?

Our products offer solutions for children as young as 6 months (Recliner Stroller, All in One), 10 months (all equipped with safety harness and other protective measures) , 15 months and up. Please refer to the products section on our website.

3. Where can I buy a Smart -Trike?

We sell to a wide variety of global retailers .Please refer to the “where to buy ” section on our website or contact us for more information.

4. Can a child ride a Smart-Trike on a slope?
Our products are not to be used by children alone on slopes or hills. Parental control is required and we strongly recommend being extremely careful.

5. How easy is it to assemble Smart- Trike products?

Our products are easily assembled with minimal use of tools. We try to be as visual and direct as possible in our instruction manuals but if you need any additional support, please refer to our assembly video on the relevant product page or contact us for more information.

6. Should my child wear protective equipment when riding a Smart -Trike?
Yes! We strongly advise for the child to wear protective equipment such as helmets, gloves, knee pads and elbow pads  whilst riding a Smart-Trike.

7. Where, outdoors can my child ride his Smart-Trike?
Smart-Trike should be used on safe ground, not near steps, slopes, roadways, public highways or wet areas.

8. Can my child use the trike at night?
We strongly do not recommend using this product at night as it has not been equipped with lights or reflectors to warn other traffic participants.

9. Can I attach parcels to the handle bars?

We strongly advise not to attach any load to the handle bars. The trike could become unstable and topple over, risking injury to the child.

10. Can I tow the Ride On behind me?
The Ride On should not be towed or used in such condition.