4-in-1 Spirit, tricycle ride-on toy & stroller for babies & children

Patented Touch Steering® technology for easy and smooth maneuvering together with a fully padded seat and Smart-Trike’s unique shock absorber make every ride in this toy joyful and fun.

Lightweight parent steering handle equipped with a parent bag.

  • * Patented Touch Steering® technology
  • * Sturdy wide grip parent handle
  • * Washable padded seat cover
  • * Seat belts with shoulder pads
  • * Bottle holder




Spirit Basket

Spirit Bottle holder

Spirit Foot rest - folded-in position

Spirit Foot rest - open position

Spirit Full metal construction

Spirit non-slip pedals

Spirit Parent-Child Steering Clutch – switches from a parent Touch Steering® to a child ride control

Spirit Patented Swivel Wheel for enhanced steering comfort

Spirit Pull-out clutch for freewheeling

Spirit Shock absorbing rubber wheels with built-in suspension

Spirit Sturdy wide grip parent handle

Spirit Stylish UV sun protective canopy

Spirit Trendy parent bag

Spirit Washable padded seat cover seat belt with shoulder pads & a long back support seat