Smart-Trike & Go 5-in-1 tricycle & stroller

The Smart-TrikeTM & Go is the ultimate trike for Mum and baby! Equipped with all the latest technology, this really is the smoothest, most practical trike on the block.

Not only does it transform in five innovative ways, supporting baby from 10 months to three years and beyond, it also has plenty of room for Mum’s things! Thanks to the unique detachable cart, literally everything can be stored on the back of the trike to make sure families are totally prepared for all their adventures.

Whether Mum is off to pick up a few bits from the shops, heading out for a picnic with friends or off to visit Granny, she really can pack everything from nappies to games and toys inside this versatile cart!

The Smart-TrikeTM & Go also has the latest trike-tech built in including Smart-Trike’s all new Touch Steering®, a patented Swivel Wheel, Shock Absorbent rubber Wheels and built in suspension – all in all making it a super smooth ride for baby, mum and the shopping! Once little one has grown out of their trike, the cart stands alone and can be used again and again, simply the smartest trike.




Smart-Trike & GO Comfort-grip “Touch SteeringTM” handle - folds flat for storage

Smart-Trike & GO Foldable non slip pedals

Smart-Trike & GO Foot rest - folded-in position

Smart-Trike & GO Foot rest - open position

Smart-Trike & GO Full metal construction

Smart-Trike & GO Handle bar clutch

Smart-Trike & GO Jumbo cart - maximum load 10kg

Smart-Trike & GO Jumbo cart - Transforms to stand alone trolley cart

Smart-Trike & GO Patented Swivel wheel for enhanced steering comfort

Smart-Trike & GO Pull-out clutch for freewheeling

Smart-Trike & GO Shock absorbing rubber wheels and built-in suspension

Smart-Trike & GO Small cart - maximum load 1kg

Smart-Trike & GO Stylish UV sun protective Canopy - Adjustable detachable sun shade Minimum 30% UV protection

Smart-Trike & GO Washable-padded seat cover and safety bar. Seat belt with shoulder pads- Full back support