Touch Steering CHIC 4-in-1 Tricycle

The 4-in-1 Touch Steering Chic tricycle is a premium model with endless accessories and a stylish cool design.

The Chic trike grows with your child from 10 months to 3 years old.

In its early stages it functions a stroller. The worldwide patented Touch Steering technology makes parent’s steering fun and intuitive, as if you were steering your own stroller. Just push the handle in the direction you want and let the swivel wheel at the front lead the way.

Transforming the tricycle from stroller mode to trike mode is easy. Simply press the red button on the mudguard, and turn it over to the other side.


smarTrike Touch Steering 4-in-1 Chic has 4 stages, each suitable for your child’s stage of development:

Stage 1 – Parent-controlled trike (10M): At 10 months, the baby is comfortable seated in the high back padded seat. At this stage the parent fully controls the trike.

Stage 2 – Guided trike(+18M): Once the baby has grown (+18M), the high back support is removed, while safety bar protects the child. Parents fully control the trike.

Stage 3 – Training trike(+24M): At 24 months, fold in the footrest and let your child learn how to pedal.

Stage 4 – Classic trike(30-36M): At 30 months, remove the parent handle and your child can ride independently.





smarTrike® Chic 4-in-1 Bottle Holder

Chic Bottle Holder

smarTrike® Chic 4-in-1Extendable Canopy

Chic Extendable UV Protective Sun Canopy

Chic Foldable Footrest

Chic Foldable Non Slip Pedals

Chic High Back Support with Washable Padded Seat Cover

Chic Parent Foot Brake

Chic Pull-out Clutch for Freewheeling

Chic double injected rubber wheels

Chic Rubber Wheels

Chic safety bar

Chic Safety Bar

Chic Shock Absorber with Built-in Suspension

Chic rear storage bag

Chic Storage Bag

smarTrike® Chic 4-in-1 Tricycle - super swivel wheel

Chic Super Swivel Wheel for Enhanced Steering Comfort

Chic telescopic parent handle

Chic Telescopic Touch Steering Parent Handle

Chic toy phone

Chic Toy Phone